'Such Elegance!' Glitzy Secrets

Todays look for Glitzy Secrets - Award Winning Wedding Jewellery.

The theme was natural, soft and elegant, using light pinks and creams throughout.

I chose Chanel eyeshadow pallete - Mystic Eyes. I layered the silver from this pallete for highlighting the upper lid to the brow.

For Cheeks I used MAC blusher - Blush All Day. The warm rose tones from this fabulous blush really enhanced the models cheeks.

Finishing with Madamoiselle - Chanel Lip stick, a gorgeous soft pink.

Model - Nicky Connoly from MOT Model Agency London.

80555-11079064-901A8392_JPG.jpg 2015-1-6-21:7:56

Images Thanks to Griffin Photography.


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